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Orientation – Help seniors / patients stay oriented Brain-Fitness - Encourage seniors / patients to stay sharp through brain exercise and stimulation Stress-Reduction – Engage seniors / patients in joyful reminiscence therapy Socialization - Promote connectivity of seniors / patients and their families and friends through video conferencing and eMail Group-Activities - Engage your seniors /patients /clients in fun brain stimulating group activities on a large screen Marketing-and-Reporting – Use powerful marketing tools to grow family and residents satisfaction Personalized-Experience – Build motivation through personalized activities

Web-based Brain Wellness & Social Networking Platform for Senior Living, Home Care and Hospitals

Make your organization stand out. Enhance residents', patients' and clients' quality of life. Grow families and staff satisfaction. Improve your bottom line.

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My Vigorous Mind allows your program, activity and recreation directors, caregivers and rehab staff to run group activities, help your residents /patients /clients to exercise their brain, communicate with family and friends and to engage in stress reducing reminiscence activities.
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  • Improve quality of life for your residents/patients
  • Improve your marketing and efficiency
  • Increase your occupancy and customer retentiony

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  • Stay connected with your loved-one
  • Engage in brain stimulating and stress reducing reminiscence activities with your loved-one

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  • Enjoy a broad set of brain stimulating activities
  • Stay connected to family and friends
  • Reminisce, tell your story and have fun.

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